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Making libmp3lame work with ffmpeg on OS X

I wanted to convert some youtube footage to mp3 by using the Firefox addon DownloadHelper together with ffmpeg.

Ok, installed ffmpeg on OS X using MacPorts:

sudo port install ffmpeg +gpl +lame +x264 +xvid

Tried to convert a file. Got this error:

[libmp3lame @ 0x1804600]lame: output buffer too small (buffer index: 8360, free bytes: 1432)

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Using twitter to maintain an operations log

Whenever you’re dealing with a system that changes over time, at some point you’ll find it useful to go back and see what changes were made 3 weeks ago.

And then you wish you belong to the (small?) group of people who write down every change to a log file, so you can answer this question.

I’m not in this group but have had this need often enough that I’ve tried to automate at least some of the logging.
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