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Sharing music library from a Linux server to iTunes

With the new entry into the world of OS X, one of the first things I decided to do was to get access to my music library stored on a Linux server. I know a lot of people that are hooked completely on Apple with iPods/iPhones/MacBooks/Airport etc, and they don’t understand why I have to go trough all this trouble when the Apple stuff “just works”. And to that I answer:

  • I have a fairly high quality stereo setup hooked up to my server and can easily hear the difference between compressed formats (MP3, AAC) and loss less formats (like Flac)
  • We have numerous devices with different format support (Portable MP3 players, mobile phones, windows clients etc). So using a neutral, open, DRM-free format seems likes the best bet to get all this going.
  • I never buy music from the iTunes music store (until they provide songs in a lossless format anyway)

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New iMac in the house

So I finally jumped on the Apple bandwagon and bought an iMac (got a good deal on the previous gen 20″ 2.66GHz model). This is primarily for my wife and kids to use for some World of Warcraft, email, web surfing etc. But let’s see if I can’t squeeze some time in in  front of it to do a little experimenting  with Xcode for iPhone development 🙂

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